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Why we are in a League of our Own
for Searches at a Set Price Nationwide
It's not just because we provide a complete service at a very competitive Set Price nationwide for our Regulated Local Authority and Drainage & Water Searches, but most importantly it is also because of what solicitors themselves say.
If you would like to access our secure online ordering for the request of property searches.
We have built our reputation by providing all the legal searches including our Regulated Local Authority and Drainage & Water Searches required for conveyancing to law firms. Their testimonials show that they put their utmost trust in us because of our efficient service and attention to detail.

Our searches are backed by extensive insurance cover to afford firms total security and absolute peace of mind. We supply with our Searches a 'No Blame' search indemnity insurance including 'Run Off' which protects whoever relies on our reports buyer, lender, etc. To supply this extensive insurance cover we need to be authorised and regulated by the FCA. The policy is provided by First Title Insurance, the only legal indemnities provider to be endorsed by The Law Society.

We have designed our ordering system AIBOS (Assured's Intelligent Bespoke Ordering System) so you can quickly and simply, fully search intelligently any property nationwide. This functionality is enabled by Ordnance Survey and GroundSure to recommend the searches genuinely required, for each specific property, thus providing you with assistance for your environmental due diligence. To see all the benefits we provide with our AIBOS system please click here.

Our ordering system is so quick and easy to use and with us there are no hidden costs.

For example there is no charge:
• To use the very latest OS MasterMap mapping to mark up a
• If you upload a plan.
Plus we don't add or hide additional cost for handling or uploading searches.

What our clients say:
"A simple to use and cost sensitive system which has substantially increased efficiency in the department, combined with excellent service standards."
Julie Scott, Solicitor, Collins, Dryland & Thorowgood LLP Solicitors, Henley-on-Thames.
"Assured Searches consistently exceed my wants and expectations. As opposed to many other outfits, one is put into direct contact with professionals who know what they are doing, and who take dedicated ownership of your work. I genuinely recommend them."
Marc Norman, Chadbourne & Parke LLP, London Office
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